Perfect serve? Nah.

Gin & Tonic. Gin & Tonic with cucumber. Gin & Tonic with mint. Gin & Tonic with cinnamon. Gin & Tonic with cucumber. Gin & Tonic with mint. Gin & Tonic. Gin & Tonic.  Gin & Tonic. You get the picture. No more. It’s time you had more options. Whether you’re in the MOOD to go sugar-free or just feel like something different. You choose.

Fresh ‘n Fiery.

  • 50ml MOOD Classic Gin
  • 1 Jalapeño, sliced.
  • 1 Fresh lime or lemon, in wedges.
  • 1 Ginger beer or soda water can.
  • Ice.
In a highball glass, add 3 wedges of lemon or lime and 3 jalapeño slices. Squish them together with a spoon. Fill with ice and stir. Add MOOD Classic Gin and top with ginger beer or soda water to go sugar-free. Garnish with a slice of jalapeño and lemon or lime.

Sweet ‘n Zesty.

  • 50ml MOOD Amber Gin.
  • 1 lemon, halved.
  • 1 Thyme.
  • Ice.
Squeeze the lemon into a cocktail shaker. Add your MOOD Amber gin. Fill with ice. Shake, shake, shake for 20 seconds. Put ice into a Martini glass, fill ¾ with your mix, and top with soda for fizz. To garnish, place a piece of thyme in your palm and clap, then pop it on top.

Floral ‘n Fragrant.

  • 50ml MOOD Pink Gin 
  • 1 Lime, in sixths. 
  • A few rose petals.
  • 1 can soda water.
  • Ice.
In a highball glass, add your lime chunks, 3 rose petals and squish them all together with a spoon. Now add your MOOD Pink Gin, fill it up with plenty ice, and top it all with soda water and stir.
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