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How do you make MOOD Gin a Maximum Flavour Gin?

We start by distilling an extra robust London Dry style gin so that those classic gin flavours are there.

This makes our gin like no other – globally. By extracting the intense sweet, bitter and sour flavours from oranges, grapefruit, mandarins and lemons we add our one-of-a-kind oomph. This is how we make sure that you can create the perfect cocktail with just sparkling water or soda.

Each of our gins gets its signature style through the careful selection of local botanicals, which add subtle secondary flavours as well as through a few other tricks we constantly have up our sleeves.

Where is MOOD Gin made?
MOOD Gin is made in Cape Town, South Africa but we can ship it anywhere in the world. Want to sip or stock us? Get in touch.

Is MOOD Gin vegan?
Yes, yes, yes! No animal matter is used in the manufacturing process or in the ingredients.

What makes MOOD Gin a low alcohol gin?
Most people tend to be in the mood for a double with soda to eliminate any sugar. However sometimes we want full flavour with reduced alcohol. Because our gin is so full flavoured, you can use half as much gin as you would normally apply when drinking with tonic, because otherwise, we are concerned that the flavour might just be too much to handle, unless you are just in a go big mood, that is.

What’s the calorie count of MOOD Gin?
A single 25 ml tot of 43% ABV MOOD Gin = 59 calories.

What makes MOOD Gin a low calorie gin?
We have absolutely no sugar in our product. A 25ml tot has 59 calories, which means that a 225ml serving with sparkling water or soda, has 59 calories or 247 kilojoules. It’s roughly half of what you’d get in a “normal” G&T, but thanks to our maximum flavour, you get all of the taste – and more.

Standard G&T
One 25 ml tot of 43% ABV Gin 59 calories
One 200 ml tonic 55 calories
TOTAL 114 calories or 476 kilojoules.

One 25 ml tot of 43% ABV Gin 59 calories
One 200 ml Soda Water 0 calories
TOTAL 59 calories or 247 kilojoules.

Is MOOD Gin Kosher?
Unfortunately not. But it’s a work in progress.

Why is MOOD Gin my favourite gin?
Aww, that’s so sweet. Probs because we made it with real people in mind. #BFFs